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Professional Accountability



Community Resources

Advanced Counseling and Research Services seeks to be a reliable community resource for individuals seeking quality counseling services.  Individuals seeking therapy can often find information about the services available in the community but have great difficulty assessing the quality of those services.

Individuals seeking therapy for themselves or others may find the following services beneficial:

1) Evaluation of Potential Counseling Service:  Individuals can contract with Advanced Counseling and Research Services to evaluate a potential counseling source.  This evaluation will include such things as the qualifications of individuals providing the clinical services, compliance to "best practices", focus on individualized therapy, measurable clinical indicators used to determine client progress, and measurable indicators of overall treatment effectiveness within the practice.

2) Evaluation of Outcomes Research Initiatives:  There are many different types of research activities that can generate "evidence" of counseling effectiveness.  Some of these approaches are more rigorous than others.  Some approaches have little or no validity or reliability and are virtually worthless as stand-alone indicators of treatment effectiveness.

Advanced Counseling and Research Services provides an opportunity for individuals seeking therapy from an "evidence-based" treatment program to better understand the dimensions and rigor of the research effort.  On behalf of the individual, Advanced Counseling and Research Services will request information regarding the research efforts under consideration and evaluate the research design for accuracy and rigor.

3) Treatment Monitoring:  Advanced Counseling and Research Services will assist in the monitoring of therapy provided by other practitioners or agencies.  Working on behalf of the individual client, efforts will be made to determine the quality and effectiveness of the clinical services being provided.

To discuss these services in more detail contact our office at 717-394-3994 or send us an email to



"Taking some of the mystery out of counseling through responsible outcomes research."

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