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In this era of accountability, counseling professionals and agencies are facing greater demands to prove that the clinical services they offer actually result in positive client behavior change.  The element of proof of clinical effectiveness is also changing from the traditional "clinical opinion" to a more rigorous reliance on formal outcomes including both qualitative and quantitative measures.

Advanced Counseling and Research Services believes that all professionals have a professional and ethical responsibility to engage in valid, on-site research efforts to support their clinical services.  Through the use of selected age-appropriate psychometric instruments, our clinicians collect, analyze, and interpret objective data throughout the counseling experience to incorporate into a comprehensive assessment of each client and to help determine the impact of counseling.

Advanced Counseling and Research Service makes the following services available to other counseling practitioners and agencies that seek to engage  in valid, site-based outcomes research initiatives to support their clinical services. 

Research Design Development

All counseling services are unique when considering the nature of clientele served, the professional training and qualifications of clinical staff, the counseling specialties represented, and the theoretical approaches used in therapy.  An appropriate research design addresses the uniqueness of each counseling entity and reflects those clinical elements that form the philosophical tenets of the professional practice.  Advanced Counseling and Research Services can help counseling professionals and agencies develop meaningful research designs that include sufficient rigor to assess the effectiveness of the clinical services provided to the public.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The analysis and interpretation of quantitative data can present a major challenge for professionals seeking to assess the effectiveness of their clinical services.  Understanding "significant differences" and "effect size" are important features to consider in behavioral research.  Advanced Counseling and Research Services maintains access to current statistical software programs (SPSS) to assist in data analysis and interpretation.

Outcomes Research Training 

Advanced Counseling and Research Services will offer a variety of trainings to the community in support of evidence-based counseling.  These trainings will range from ones designed to help the public become better consumers of accountable professional counseling services to site-based trainings for counseling entities interested in measuring the effectiveness of the clinical services they provide.

To discuss the research services available, contact Dr. Paul West at 717-394-3994 or by email at Paul@Advanced-Counseling.com.

"Resources for professionals dedicated to accountability in the human services."

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