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Video Counseling

Advanced Counseling and Research Services makes the use of video counseling available to selected clients based on clinical indicators.  This type of service is unique and may not be covered by insurance.  An on-line credit card payment system has been established to support this service.

In addition to acceptable clinical indicators, clients interested in video counseling must have sufficient computer/video resources and high-speed internet access.  Video Counseling is provided through a company that specializes in the promotion of secure, on-line counseling provided by  qualified professionals.  Video counseling services through Advanced Counseling and Research Services are only available to Pennsylvania residents who are legally permitted to enter into a counseling relationship without the authorization or approval of others.

Transition to video counseling will only occur after individuals have completed the in-office client intake process and are deemed to be suitable for this service delivery system.  Occasional office visits will be required over the duration of the counseling experience.

Individuals approved for video counseling will be given adequate instructions to guide them to the secure server site and to log onto the system.   The counseling sessions will be conducted in the same format as a typical office visit.   

To discuss the opportunity for video counseling Contact Cheryl Wilson Smith at 717-394-3994 or by email at Cheryl@Advanced-Counseling.com.



"Using technology in the delivery of professional counseling services."

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